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Why does Hanes Hummus have a thicker texture than regular hummus?

We don’t add any fillers like canola and soy oil or water.

How long does Hanes Hummus last?

Frozen Hanes Hummus can be kept indefinitely. Refrigerated it keeps fresh for 60 days. You can re-freeze if you choose.

What ways can you use Hanes Hummus?

Add to a charcuterie board
Put it on a cracker
Crumble it over roasted vegetables
Put it on a sandwich
Dip it with any vegetable
Crumble it on a salad
Stir it into pasta, rice, potatoes
Put it on a burger, chicken, fish
Put it on a pizza

How can I get Hanes Hummus into my local Store?

Bring this New Product Form into your local grocery store and leave it with a Grocery Store Manager. We would be grateful for your help with growing our business.

When will my order arrive?

5-7 business days.

Where can I purchase Hanes Hummus?

You can make a purchase on our Online Shop

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