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The Hummus

Hanes Hummus is a gourmet and artisan brand of hummus. It is distinguished by its unique taste, thick texture, innovation and quality. It will exceed your expectations and provide you with the finest hummus experience ever. The proof is in the taste, try it for yourself.

Discover our vegan, gluten-free, artisan gourmet hummus

Our pride is based on creating delicious, healthy and unique recipes. Discover our vegan, gluten-free, artisan gourmet hummus


About the Brand

Hanes Hummus is not your average hummus. The ingredients are meticulously sourced and combined to produce a hummus that is delicious, unique, and healthy. Our chief motivation is to provide a product that people can trust is healthy and real.


I call this the #superhummus of all hummus on the market. This is a proud Canadian product. Starting with The Original the immediate hit on my tastebuds was lemon, then lime, then a bit of heat. The texture was not even the same as traditional hummus. Then he handed me the Roasted Garlic and Dill. I definitely caught the flavour notes of that one too and my brain started to go places with how I could serve this up with other accompaniments. Then he handed me the third one called Hot Date…This taste basically kidnapped my tastebuds and I do not want to be rescued ever! The possibilities of the entire line are endless. You cannot believe the flavours that pop out!


Discover our Flavours

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